Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2006. The mission statement of the company is to help people live longer and be healthier providing affordable, high quality medicines for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The company main objective is to produce only quality medicines, at an acceptable price, based on the purchasing power of the ordinary citizen.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals started its operations in Moldova in 2006. In January 2009, the first medicines were registered and approved for the Ukrainian market. In October 2010, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has won the government procurement program, which granted the company to sell its products to hospitals and clinics. At the same time, a new manufacturing complex was opened in Singera, Moldova.
As manufacturing medicines is a delicate and complex process, production at the Singera complex is managed by an access-control system that ensures the sterility of the finished product and of the raw materials. This is the most advanced pharmaceutical process, from the technical point of view, in the country.

Currently, the company owns two manufacturing facilities with over 200 employees, all highly qualified specialists.

At the moment, the company’s portfolio consists of over 250 products including hormones and steroids.

Unfortunately, as it happens very often to quality, pharma grade brands, counterfeited medicines started to appear on the markets. As fake products can harm a company’s reputation for years, Balkan Pharmaceuticals regularly updates packaging and labeling of its products, to ensure people safety and trust.

The first method against fakes is the Online Product Verification System. This mode of protection is applied to medicines for which counterfeiting has been reported. Authenticity of the product can be checked on the UPIC site. Based on this code, the customer can find product information, such as name, batch number, production date and term of validity of the product.

New methods to protect against counterfeit products.
1. a sophisticated design with a built-in hologram that can not be removed, as it is an integral part of the packaging.

2. The boxes of injectables steroids always contain 10 amps in plastic holders. Each ampoule has a label with printed info showing the product’s batch, expiration date (month and year) and the 8 letters UPIC code.

3. The tablet boxes usually contain 3 blisters of 20 tablets each, or 4 blisters of 25 tablets each. Each blister is covered with a hologram foil on the back. The product’s series, expiration date (month and year) are printed on the blister side, together with the unique UPIC 14-character code (letters and numbers).

Also, all Balkan Pharmaceuticals products boxes have a printed QR code. By scanning it with a smart phone you will be redirected to the official page where you can enter the verification code. The code must be entered in capital letters.

The boxes do not contain UPIC codes, so they can not be used repeatedly. UPIC codes are printed only on blisters and ampoules.

4. Packages are always in two languages: on one side in Romanian, on the other in English. The product name and the Balkan Pharmaceuticals logo are embossed, not printed. The tablet boxes also have imprinted Braille symbols for visually impaired people.

5. Tablets are coated with a film layer. Each product has a certain color due to the innocuous dyes used in the production. So only the external layer is colored, while the tablet core is always white.